The Pioneer: Fernando Zobel

Header image: Self-Portrait Above Sinks (c 1950) Ayala Museum Collection. Gift of Jaime and Beatriz Zobel de Ayala

In the course of his relatively short lifetime, Fernando Zóbel built a career as a respected artist in three countries, set the foundations for three museums in two continents, taught the first Art Appreciation course of the Ateneo de Manila University, and pioneered religious art research in the Philippines, among many other achievements.

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How Kiukok Learned to Sign his Paintings

Header image: Self-Portrait (2000). Paulino and Hetty Que Collection

While all artists begin by imitating others, only those who seek an art of their own, later on, leave a lasting legacy. Artistic identity is what separates the master from the amateur. Borne out of a master’s imagination and creative process, his work also bears his identity. Anyone who sees it would know for certain that it was done by that artist. Such is Ang Kiukok’s art. Continue reading “How Kiukok Learned to Sign his Paintings”

The Spirit of Gutai

Header image: Untitled (2008) by Sadaharu Horio

The Gutai Group was a post-war artistic group in western Japan, founded by the painter Jiro Yoshihara. After World War II, Japan was in a process of renewal. Against the martial culture of the time, as well as an atmosphere of alienation, a group of artists sought to break down all barriers between art, everyday life, and the ordinary public. The spirit of young democracy and a growing belief of individual freedom inspired them.


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